The Career Investigator platform is an engaging regional hub for youth to explore STEM-related careers in northwest Michigan solo or with their parents and mentors (including teachers, counselors and others). Newton's Road Northwest is collaborating with local businesses, educators, workforce development and economic development organizations to more easily make this valuable--but often hard to find--information available to all youth in our region. The site is designed with input from 8th-12th graders on what they want to know about local careers--though many adults say it's useful for them, too!

This pilot version showcases careers in Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, with Trades and Aviation careers in the process of being added, which together employ the most people in our region. More careers and career families will be added over time. Rotary Charities provided the seed funding for this project, along with matching funds and support from the Grand Traverse Area Manufacturing Council (GTAMC). Please see the bottom of the home page for other supporting organizations.

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As a pilot, it is important to let us know what you like, and any corrections or suggestions to improve our user experience. Please use our Google Sheet form

Information Sources

The At a Glance career data in most cases comes from the 2019 Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives. The 10-county Northwest Michigan data for their reports is provided by our local businesses via the Occupational Employment Statistics survey--the more businesses that participate the more accurate the summarized data we receive. Networks Northwest Business Services informed us that regional employers indicate pay increases of 2-3% in the past year, especially for entry level jobs. We use the 10th and 90th average wage percentile data for the low and high wages, respectfully, in addition to the median wage data (half employed earn more and half earn less). We prioritized STEM-related careers included in the latest Northwest Michigan Hot Jobs Report (2018). This report considers "Hot Jobs" to be those which are comparatively high in-demand, and expected to remain in-demand for the near future. We will update the data as new reports come available.

All other information comes from interviews with many educators who work with Business Advisory boards, workforce development organizations, and businesses and their representatives such as GTAMC.  Guests on the STEM Careers with Newton's Road show have also provided pathway information and video source materials for many careers. Where we don't have local videos yet, we used other sources until they can be replaced with local interviews. 

If you have local video content available or are interested in participating in our local STEM Careers show, please email these ideas and any other inquiries to