These days every company is a technology company--they rely on technology to support their product or service offerings. Our homes and transportation include a wide variety of technology as well. This is why many technology-related careers are experiencing much higher growth--and wages--than average. Hence there are many Hot technology jobs. The primary types of technology careers include:

  • Information Technologies (IT)these careers offer a variety of career paths in across industries. An IT professional can specialize in cybersecurity to keep networked devices safe, in software development to create games and control programmable devices, or in help desk roles to assist in the everyday functions of an organization. 
  • Data Collection and Analysis: these careers make useful interpretations of large sets of collected data. For instance, your phone can reference satellite geospatial data to recommend local services to you and an unmanned aerial device (ie. drone) can inspect crop harvest readiness for farmers. Large datasets are collected to inform public health decisions and improve sport performance. Surveyors take critical success measurements for every professional construction project.
  • Design and Engineering: new design technologies are improving how technicians and engineers design manufactured parts using 3D printing, architects design houses using computer-aided designs (CAD) programs, and construction engineers design bridges. 
  • Install, Maintain and Operate Technology: once a product or system is made, it takes specialized skills to install, operate, repair and maintain the technology. Specialized mechanics and technicians exist from aerospace to marine environments, from hospital rooms to energy infrastructure.  

Technology Careers