These days every company is a technology company--they rely on technology to support their product or service offerings. And our homes and transportation include a wide variety of technology as well. This is why many technology-related careers are experiencing much higher growth than average. The primary types of technology careers include:

  • Information Technologies (IT): these careers include anything that enables, supports or secures "online" communications via mobile and desktop devices and securely storing the resulting text, audio, video, 3D and virtual reality content. 
  • Geospatial Technologies: these careers make useful interpretations of data collected about the earth, and are incorporated into IT devices. For instance, your phone can reference satellite geospatial data to recommend local services to you and an unmanned aerial device (ie. drone) can inspect crop harvest readiness for farmers. 
  • 3D Printing Technologies: this very new career uses a wide variety of materials to create 3-dimensional objects from making protective face masks for healthcare workers to prototyping a new part for a manufacturing process.

Technology Careers

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