Plan, direct, or coordinate the management or operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, aquacultural operations, nurseries, timber tracts, or other agricultural establishments. May hire, train, and supervise farm workers or contract for services to carry out the day-to-day activities of the managed operation. May engage in or supervise planting, cultivating, harvesting, and financial and marketing activities. 

Farm Managers tend to work in either animal production, dairy, or crop production, although, some do work with all three. Livestock on farms tend to include pigs, cows, or sheep while crops cover grains, vegetables, or fruits. 

This varied job includes planning strategies for maximum yield, organizing farm administration, working machinery, organizing associated businesses, and staff management.

A Typical Day

  • Collect and record growth, production, and environmental data.
  • Manage nurseries that grow horticultural plants for sale to trade or retail customers, for display or exhibition, or for research.
  • Direct and monitor trapping and spawning of fish, egg incubation, and fry rearing, applying knowledge of management and fish culturing techniques.
  • Direct and monitor the transfer of mature fish to lakes, ponds, streams, or commercial tanks.
  • Determine how to allocate resources and to respond to unanticipated problems, such as insect infestation, drought, and fire.

Recommended Credentials

High School Diploma & 5 years ofrelevant work experience

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Northwestern Michigan College: Applied Plant Science Certificate Transfer Guide
Concurrent Enrollment opportunity with MSU at the NMC University Center

MSU Institute of Agricultural Technology (MSU IAT)

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The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

Enroll in the Agriscience program at NorthEd Career Tech.

Pathway 2

Take classes through NMC and MSU's joint program in Plant Science:

Fruit and Vegetable Crop Management

Landscape Management


Pathway 3

Continue your studies with Michigan State University.


Sample Job Titles...

  • Aquaculture Director
  • Farm Manager
  • Farm Operations Technical Director
  • Fish Hatchery Manager
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Harvesting Manager
  • Hatchery Manager
  • Hatchery Supervisor
  • Nursery Manager
  • Ranch Manager
  • Horticulturist
  • Grower
  • Agronomist
  • Market Manager
  • Crop Specialist
  • Equipment Operator
  • Consultant
  • Sales
  • Agriculture Teacher

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