Perform many tasks, including construction, maintenance and exploration all while underwater. Work on many different types of projects. Assist in construction of the underwater portion of many structures such as bridges, buildings, docks, and ships. Other areas include underwater research and tourism. This is a unique and exciting career.

A Typical Day

  • Do the unique tasks for the particular project you are working on (building, observing, teaching, inspecting, etc.).
  • Take appropriate safety precautions, and register with authorities before diving.
  • Check and maintain diving equipment.
  • Communicate with other divers and workers on the surface.
  • Write reports of the results of your dive to your employer or contractor.
  • Keep up with newest advancements and technologies in the field such as underwater autonomous vehicles.

Recommended Credentials

Professional Certificate

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Technical Dive Training (Necessary)- 
Scuba North

Associate's Degree in Freshwater Studies (Related Degree)-
Northwestern Michigan College

Elsewhere in Michigan


List of Professional Diving Schools - Association of Commercial Diving Educators

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If you enjoy swimming and snorkeling, you might like to try diving.

The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

Starting at age 16, you can complete an entry-level dive program like the

Become an Open-Water Diver - Scuba North

Pathway 2

Complete some of the diver specializations such as:

If you're interested in getting involved in research, pursue a degree such as the 

Pathway 3

Pursue advanced diving training or more advanced degrees depending on your specialization.


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