Help people and businesses make sound financial decisions. Financial managers work with money constantly. They help their clients make decisions about managing their money, and can work in investing, banking, insurance, securities and other financial activities. Modern financial managers spend a lot of time working with financial applications and software.

A Typical Day

  • Establish and maintain relationships with individual or business customers.
  • Coordinate the activities of workers in banks, risk and insurance departments, or similar institutions.
  • Write operational or risk reports for management analysis.
  • Evaluate data pertaining to costs to plan budgets.
  • Coordinate the approval or rejection of lines of credit or loans.
  • Oversee the flow of cash or financial instruments.
  • Prepare financial or regulatory reports required by laws, regulations, or boards of directors.

Recommended Credentials

Bachelor's Degree

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Accounting Degrees and Certificates
— Northwestern Michigan College

Transfer guide from NMC to FSU in Big Rapids & at the University Center in Traverse City.
ransfer guide from NMC to Lake Superior State University.

Elsewhere in Michigan


Explore This Career

Try it before you buy it!

Get involved in your family budget, talk with your family about how they do their banking. If you have a job or allowance, try making your own budget.

The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

Take classes at Northwest Education Services' (Formerly TBAISD) Career Tech Center. They have classes that can prepare you for college level accounting.

Pathway 2

Pursue an Associates' Degree in Accounting

Pathway 3

Continue your education by transferring to a Bachelor's Program in Accounting like those at

And complete a professional certification, such as those listed in the other resources section.


Sample Employers in Our Region

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Contact one of these companies and ask for an informational interview, to see if you can job shadow, or to find out if they hire interns.


Sample Job Titles...

Banking Center Manager (BCM)
Credit Administration Manager
Financial Center Manager


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