Install or repair communications lines such as fiber optic cables. It is important to have an understanding of physics, and a little understanding of computer science and communications to do well at this job, but it isn't necessary. You work both inside and outside to make sure people stay connected.

Make a Difference

A Typical Day

  • Set up service for customers, installing, connecting, testing, or adjusting equipment.
  • Travel to customers' premises to install, maintain, or repair audio and visual electronic reception equipment or accessories.
  • Measure signal strength at utility poles, using electronic test equipment.
  • Inspect or test lines or cables, recording and analyzing test results, to assess transmission characteristics and locate faults or malfunctions.
  • Splice cables, using hand tools, epoxy, or mechanical equipment.

Recommended Credentials

High school diploma or equivalent

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Complete your high school degree or GED. Get started with on-the-job training.

Elsewhere in Michigan


Expand your experience across the state. Repairs and installations are needed from coast to coast!

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Not afraid of heights? This could be the perfect career for you!

Test your tolerance to see if you would be able to work from a bird's eye view.

The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

Northwest Educational Services’ Electrical Occupations or a similar program is an excellent place to start!

Pathway 2

Find employment with a local or regional company. 

Pathway 3

Gain experience in your field and take classes to expand your specialized knowledge when it comes to electricity.


Sample Job Titles...

  • Cable Splicer
  • Cable Technician
  • Cable Television Technician (Cable TV Tech)
  • Combination Technician
  • Field Service Technician

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