Aquatic Biologists study basic principles of aquatic plant and animal life. They seek answers to questions about the lives of water-dwelling creatures, how they behave, and how they interact with other living things and their environment.

A Typical Day

  • Prepare research reports, such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.
  • Collect and analyze biological data about relationships among and between organisms and their environment, this includes field work.
  • Program and use computers to store, process, and analyze data.
  • Supervise biological technicians, technologists and other scientists.
  • Identify, classify, and study structure, behavior, ecology, physiology, nutrition, culture, and distribution of plant and animal species.
  • Prepare requests for proposals or statements of work.

Recommended Credentials

Master's Degree

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Associates Degree in Freshwater Studies-

Elsewhere in Michigan


Bachelors Degree in Zoology-

Bachelors Degree in Biological Laboratory Science-

Bachelors Degree in Biology-

Explore This Career

Try it before you buy it!

Visit Grass River Natural Area, they have many programs and camps available.

Participate in a program hosted by Inland Seas Education Association.

Join an Environmental Club at your school.

The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

See if your high school offers classes such as

  • Biology/Advanced Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Chemistry/Advanced Chemistry

Take whatever science classes you have available, especially advanced/AP versions of these courses!

Pathway 2

NMC's Freshwater Studies Program is a great opportunity to save money, while also getting hands-on experience, and an Associate's Degree. They also have an articulation agreement with the 4-year program at Lake Superior State

Pathway 3

Look into a Bachelor's program followed by a Master's program in biology, or other related fields, like those listed in the education area.


Sample Employers in Our Region

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Contact one of these companies and ask for an informational interview, to see if you can job shadow, or to find out if they hire interns.


Sample Job Titles...

  • Biological Scientist
  • Research Biologist

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