Design strategies and methods for good water resource management. Design or implement programs and strategies related to water resource issues such as supply, quality, and regulatory compliance issues. Professionals can work in a wide variety of fields, including local and state government, environmental management or advocacy groups, construction companies, and others. There are plenty of opportunities to work both inside and outside, surveying and analyzing waterways, then writing reports and communicating  expert advice on proper management of these resources to all the affected groups.

Make a Difference

A Typical Day

  • Analyze storm water systems to identify opportunities for water resource improvements.
  • Develop strategies for watershed operations to meet water supply and conservation goals or to ensure regulatory compliance with clean water laws or regulations.
  • Conduct technical studies for water resources on topics such as pollutants and water treatment options.
  • Review or evaluate designs for water detention facilities, storm drains, flood control facilities, or other hydraulic structures.
  • Present water resource proposals to government, public interest groups, or community groups.

Recommended Credentials

Bachelor Degree or Master's Degree

Education & Training

Regional employers often hire graduates of these programs.


Northwest Lower Michigan


Associate's Degree in Freshwater Studies-

Elsewhere in Michigan


Associate's Degree in Water Resource Management - 

Bachelor's Degrees - 

Post-Bachelor's Graduate Certificate in Hydrogeology - 

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Spend time outdoors near our streams, rivers, and lakes. If you enjoy fishing, paddling, or just being around water, check this career out!

Get involved in your school's Environmental Club, or start your own!

The Local Advantage Learning Pathway

Pathway 1

Science classes at your local high school are a great option, particularly AP Environmental Science, and Chemistry if available.

Pathway 2

Associates Degree in Freshwater Studies-

Pathway 3

To pursue a Bachelor's or further, look into programs that have an articulation agreement with NMC, in particular-


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