Connecting humanity through space.

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ATLAS Space Operations connects humanity through space, driving valuable and actionable changes here on Earth. Leveraging Freedom™, our proprietary communications platform, ATLAS provides secure and scalable global satellite communications. Freedom™ is powerful and adaptable, providing services for government agencies and private sector clients, while also supporting ground networks outside of ATLAS.

Freedom™ is a cloud-based, data-driven, scalable space communications platform employing a fundamentally different approach to satellite communications. Unlike complex, costly, and labor-intensive legacy approaches, Freedom™ automates the communication process, pre-plans satellite passes, and eliminates the need for satellite owners to act as ground station operators.

ATLAS has been recognized as #1 on the World Teleport Association Fast 10—a ranking of the fastest-growing teleport operators in the world— and placed #102 on the Inc. 5000, rounding out our success by taking #15 among software companies. Unique to ATLAS is our position on the Vet100, a subset of the Inc. 5000 that highlights the fastest-growing veteran-owned companies in America. This recognition carried special importance for the ATLAS team, many of whom are veterans of our nation’s military.

ATLAS also sponsors the ATLAS Space Explorers Post 2025.  An affiliate program of the Boy Scouts of America, the ATLAS Space Explorers is for teens and young adults, ages 12 to 19, who have an interest in learning more about careers in space technology. Youth leaders, under the guidance of adult advisors, run the program, which models a high tech start up.


Kerrie Kornexl, Community Outreach Coordinator
Email: kerrie.kornexl@atlasground.com
ATLAS Space Operations
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Accountant and Auditor
Work with financial data, write reports, and analyze records to help companies and people manage money.
Computer Systems Analyst
Code multifaceted, immersive VR apps and games that can run on the web and various platforms.
Cyber Security Analyst
Protect computer networks and the information within them.
Engineering Technician
Support engineers to plan and design tools, engines, machines, and other manufacturing equipment.
IT Support Specialist
Provide technical support, advice, and assistance to consumers and businesses with technical, hardware, and software system problems.
Mechanical Engineer
Perform engineering duties in planning and designing tools, engines, and machines.
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Support lead engineer in designing mechanically functioning equipment.
Project Management Specialist
Manage a group to ensure the timely and proper completion of a project.
Software Developer and Programmer
Research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software.
Systems Administrator
Install, configure, and support an organization's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet systems or a segment of a network system.

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