Our purpose and our passion is to make life better for the people of Michigan. First by providing safe, reliable energy delivered with hometown service. Then by volunteering our time and efforts to smooth out rough times and help local communities thrive.

About Us

Consumers Energy (CE) has been working for Michigan families and businesses for more than a century. We got our start in Jackson in 1886 and remain headquartered there today, about an hour south of Lansing. We have offices, workers and partners around the state. We bring our purpose to life by:

  • Leading the clean energy transformation: We’re proud of our pledge to deliver industry-leading zero-coal, net-zero carbon and renewable energy for our customers and planet. See the attached map showing our renewable resource locations attached below.
  • Delivering excellence: Our tradition of performance excellence continues, grounded in our commitment to better serve customers and ensure the safety of our co-workers every day. 
  • Advancing our culture: We create an environment where the contributions of all are heard and valued, and everyone knows they belong.

In addition, CE has a dedicated team and an energy industry partnership focused on helping Michigan youth learn more about the wide variety of exciting careers in the energy industry, and how CE helps youth to prepare for them.  See the Partnerships area below for details!

Learn more about why we at Consumers Energy embrace change to ensure Michiganders have access to sustainable, reliable, affordable energy that protects our natural resources, including automation technologies and renewable resources like solar (see story on Cadillac)wind (including Ludington area) and hydropower.

For more details on our current career and internship opportunities, see the attached flyers and our website careers page.


Michelle Mitchell, Talent Pipeline Project Manager
Phone: (989) 791-5960, Email: MICHELLE.MITCHELL@cmsenergy.com
Consumers Energy
821 Hastings Street
Traverse City, MI 49686


Accountant and Auditor
Work with financial data, write reports, and analyze records to help companies and people manage money.
Computer Systems Analyst
Code multifaceted, immersive VR apps and games that can run on the web and various platforms.
Cyber Security Analyst
Protect computer networks and the information within them.
Data Scientist
Work with programs to process and interpret large amounts of data into meaningful information.
Drive the design and development of manufactured products and manage manufacturing processes such as quality control and process optimization.
Geographic Information Systems Specialist
Program helpful methods for visualizing geographic information.
Industrial Machinery Mechanic
Work to maintain, install, and upkeep the machines that allow production facilities to run smoothly.
Industrial Maintenance Technician
Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems.
IT Support Specialist
Provide technical support, advice, and assistance to consumers and businesses with technical, hardware, and software system problems.
Journeyman Lineworker
Repair and install power lines, bring electricity to people's lives.
Network Administrator
Work to maintain and restore connectivity privately and commercially.
Project Management Specialist
Manage a group to ensure the timely and proper completion of a project.
Software Developer and Programmer
Research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software, compilers, and network distribution software.

Career Experience Opportunities

Get paid to learn!
Try on an industry and/or company, is it mutually a good fit?

Other Partnerships

Michigan Energy Workforce Development Consortium is an industry-led partnership of more than 50 representatives of industry, workforce, education and veterans established to address current and future workforce issues that are crucial to building and sustaining Michigan’s energy industry.